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A Brief Explanation On Our Craft

Being in a business for over 30 years makes it impossible to not be an expert! Carpentry remains an incredibly important skill, even with the advance of technology that allows wooden furniture and other things to be produced en masse. Many opt for bespoke furniture and decor, owning something handcrafted to perfection, and one of a kind. Ikea certainly has its place, but not when it comes to unique and handcrafted! There is something about a luxurious, handcrafted item that just can’t be matched by anything that comes out of a factory. But of course, furniture is not the only thing a Northampton carpenter can do for you. What exactly is carpentry and what else do we offer?

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That’s a lot of things! Carpenters work with wood primarily, with a number of techniques to create sound, functional structural systems as well as flooring, bespoke furniture and much more. It’s amazing how versatile a material wood is, with its ability to act as both a structural material, to something incredibly aesthetic due to the many types and its numerous properties. We appreciate its naturalness (yes, that is a word!) where other materials can feel synthetic and cold.

When you start to think about it, there really is a lot that carpentry can offer. Here are some things we can do, for example, that you may not have considered before!

Wine Racks

Bespoke wine racks? The push for shelving and storage that suits everyone’s home specifically means the best solution is often bespoke. Rather than taking time to try to find a wine rack that fits “well enough”, and “just about” matches the wooden floor that it’ll sit on, why not get the perfect size and finish by getting a custom design?

Garden furniture

Add some charm to your garden with a custom table and chairs. When you have people over for drinks on a long summer’s day they’ll marvel at your one of a kind garden furniture.

Everyone loves Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is popular choice in the home, and for good reason. Most people appreciate its naturalness, charm, and warmth. Its unique characteristics mean there are a multitude of colours, visual textures and shapes that suit your exact needs. Wooden flooring is one of our specialities and we love to install something that really makes a difference to the look and feel of your home. When looking for a Northampton carpenter then look no further than us! No need to sieve through hundread of tradesmen out the never ending listings on CheckaTrade We’ve put together a short article on wooden flooring vs floor tiles and why wooden flooring is such a good choice to go for in the home.


Especially in colder months, a wooden floor can make a real difference to how warm the home feels. And we’re not just talking about the actual temperature of the floor, but in how the entire place is perceived. This is due to how we associate one thing with another – we associate wood with warmth because it is natural and because of its colour. We tend to associate colours like red, orange and yellow with warmth, and of course brown is much closer to these than greys and other dark tones. This in itself means a room might “feel” warmer with a wooden floor than a tiled floor, even if the temperature is exactly the same.

Engineered wood vs solid wood

Historically, wooden floors have been made from solid wood. That is, each plank is milled from a single piece of timber. While these floors have a certain charm, over time they can deteriorate massively, especially if in a room where the temperature continually fluctuates. Wood is susceptible to temperature changes, causing it to expand and contract and ultimately lose its original quality.

Engineered wood flooring was first invented in 1941 and has grown hugely in popularity up until today. Engineered wood flooring boards are made from more than one thin layer of wood, bonded together to create a core. These layers are bonded at 90 degrees to one another. Then, a thin layer of solid wood can be fixed to the top of this core. The idea of bonding multiple layers together creates an incredibly strong and stable floor that isn’t anywhere near as susceptible to temperature fluctuation over time as it resists expansion and contraction. In fact, engineered wood flooring can indeed accommodate underfloor heating without too much trouble, provided the job is done correctly.


Wooden floor technology has improved to the point where installing floors now takes significantly less time than many alternatives. Floor tiles, for example, require a lot of preparation before being laid down and need real skill to ensure they’re perfectly even. How often have you walked on a tiled floor where many tiles are just slightly raised above others?

Well-engineered wooden tiles that use a tongue and groove system, for example, require minimal time to lay as they slot together and then are easily glued in place. The only difficulty is getting the wood flush with the edges of the room, but this is where we come in, and as we’ve said, in terms of overall time, this is typically much quicker than with tiled floors.

Where there might be slight unevenness, sanding the surface can bring it to a perfectly smooth and level finish.

Easy to clean

The even surface of a wooden floor makes it easy to keep clean without too much effort. You don’t have to worry about grouting breaking down and so on. Naturally, the floor will wear somewhat over time, but this is largely dependent on how it is treated! If you end up with a few scratches or dents, don’t worry. It’s recommended to buff your floor every few years, and even if you don’t have any major marks, it can be a nice way to refresh the floor and bring its quality back to the original. You also have the option of recoating, to bring back some shine and a little extra bit of a protection.

These are just a few of the reasons why wooden floors are such a good option for you, and why we love to fit them. And this is not to mention their durability, long term cost effectiveness, huge range of styles and versatility around the home. We hope you enjoyed this short article, and if you’d like to discuss your wooden flooring options then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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